Welcome to Full Service RV – the Arizona mobile RV repair service owned and operated by fellow RVers!

We love the RV lifestyle. That’s why we’re on the move! You’ll find us in the Mesa and East Valley area near Phoenix during the winter months and further north (where it’s cooler) in the summer – in the beautiful Prescott Valley.

Our Customers are Our Neighbors
As RVers ourselves, we treat our customers like the neighbors they are. This means we’re there when you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And there is no extra charge for emergency calls in the evenings and on week-ends.

Quality Plus Service

Don is a RVDA-RVIA Certified Technician who has the latest tools and techniques to save you time and money on RV and motor home repairs. Don also cares enough to go beyond routine service. He likes people, especially RVers, and it shows! In this day of voicemail, he even answers his own phone – the first step to service that will surprise and please you. 

About Us

We’re Don and Sally, owners of Full Service RV and full time baby boomer RVers. We’ve moved to Arizona because Sally has wanted to live there since she visited as a child with her grandfather. We’ve brought our successful mobile RV repair service to the East Valley near Phoenix during the winter months and further north to the beautiful Prescott Valley during the summer.

We’re passionate about two things – the RV lifestyle and good RV repair service. We launched Full Service RV several years ago in San Antonio, Texas when we got frustrated with the service we were able to find when we needed it.

Full Service RV offers the kind of service we expect as fellow RVers. We treat our fellow RV resort residents as our neighbors. We may be able to solve your problem over the phone. If not, we’ll be there quickly, treat you fairly, and follow-up with you to make sure your RV repair problems are completely solved.

We think Don “street smarts,” years of mechanical experience with everything from boats to cargo trailers, his professionalism as a RVDA-RVIA Certified RV Technician and our old-fashioned work ethic work together to make our Full Service RV a cut above the competition.

We enjoy our business as we do our lifestyle. Follow Full Service RV on Facebook!

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